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5 Surprising Reasons Why Gratitude May Save Your Marriage

As you enter the holiday season, do you fear losing touch with your best beloved amidst the craziness.  Let me suggest reasons why you need to do one thing in order not to lose ground but rather to feel connected.  This article will help you experience each other differently and grow your marriage to last

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If you partner thinks you need couples therapy

3 Legit Reasons Your Husband Wants YOU To Go To Couples Therapy

When a man wants to go to therapy, that’s a warning sign you DON’T want to ignore. When couples arrive on my doorstep for couples counseling in Midtown Manhattan or in White Plains, NY, a wife sometimes surprises me by saying, “He’s been trying to get me into marriage counseling for years and I refused. I

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Communicating with listening skills

Newly Engaged? 5 Challenges That Might Surprise You

In making your wedding plans, you may be startled by the feeling of the “forever” promises you are about to make, Up until now, you may have focused on: “Will he or won’t he pop the question. “Now you are settling into feeling the permanency of saying, “Yes.”. Along with your plans to create the

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Thinking of Getting Married

What You’ll Find Out in Premarital Counseling

If you’re thinking about premarital counseling, don’t worry.  You are not say8ing that you don’t want to marry.  You just want to feel more secure that you are starting off with the best road map for making your relationship work if you can get on the same page before walking down the aisle.  As a

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Mid Manhattan Marriage Counseling