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6 Ways To Diffuse A Fight When Your Wife Gives You THAT Look!

Women have, at times, a way of really getting under their guy’s skin. Maybe she gave you “that look” when you did something she disliked. Or, she took a breath, in that particularly annoyed way that makes your inner anger burn.  Or she rolled her eyes at you when you didn’t do what she “told”

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10 Reasons You’re Crazy Not To Invest In Your Marriage

If this title caught your eye, then you have some question about where to go with your relationship.  Most couples experience ambivalence at various stages of their marital journey.  You will find yourself in good company if you read any of the journals about relationships. Let me give you this, at least you are seeking

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5 MUST DO Steps When Your Husband Refuses Marriage Counseling

Have you tried to cajole your husband into going to marriage counseling and gotten a dismayed, “We don’t need that.”  Men don’t like to have anybody telling them what to do.  They feel they should know them what to do themselves. Not to mention that men often feel that you are making too much of

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2 Skills To Learn From Your Marriage Counselor In The First Hour

Have you ever thought, “I’d love to see a marriage counselor, but I have no idea what happens in a session.” I love this question because answering it gives me a chance to debunk any myths you might have in your mind about what marriage counseling is all about. So here is my sneak peek

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