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Thinking of Getting Married

What You’ll Find Out in Premarital Counseling

If you’re thinking about premarital counseling, don’t worry.  Neither of you are saying that you don’t’ want to marry.  You just want to feel secure that you are starting off with the best road for making your relationship work. Don’t assume that you need to be about cancel the engagement, (though some couples do call

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Heading off a argument

Keep Your Talking from Turning Into Fighting with This Three Step Plan

Repair your busted communication techniques with these 3 steps to save your marriage relationship. Do you ever try to talk to your partner about an important issue and suddenly the conversation derails? Your partner feels attacked and withdraws to his inner-cave (or even physically to another room). Meanwhile, you wind up feeling like someone stabbed you just for

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3 Ways to avoid a cheating husband

3 Ways To Cheat-Proof Your Relationship BEFORE You Marry Him

About to say “I do?” Beware — If your fiance has any of these 5 traits, he’ll probably cheat. A client of mine recently called wondering if it would even be appropriate to come in. You see, she’s engaged (with the wedding fast approaching) and worried whether or not her fiancé might cheat on her. He

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Do I really Want to Marry My Fiance

The 7 Reasons For Going to Premarital Counseling

A research study by psychologists at UCLA discovered that women who had premarital doubts are two and a half times more likely to get divorced in 4 years. If you find your self upset about any of these things,  don’t hesitate learn the tools and skills to deal with these issues.  They do not mean

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Mid Manhattan Marriage Counseling