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Fun Questionnaire

Fun Premarital or Marital Questionnaire Click To identify The Real Concerns In Your Future -Then Click Fun Stuff -Then Click Couples

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Premarital Inventory

Premarital Inventory That You Can Take Online Take a Premarital Inventory Online (Click Here) Then  Click Right Picture for Couples

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Tightwads & Spendthrifts

Spendthrifts Marrying Tightwads Maybe you have always been a little uncomfortable about how much money you spend. So it’s not surprising that you will attracted a tightwad. You perhaps will assume that this person will help you rein in your carefree use of credit cards. But be careful. Recent research from University of Michigan, University

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What If I Am Not Sure I Want to Marry My Fiancé

  If You Are Unsure About the Relationship Let’s say you have gotten engaged and told your family and friends. Then you find yourself raising questions about whether this is the right step. In fact, you are feeling quite anxious about taking the plunge. So you are probably mystified: “Is this normal “pre-wedding jitters” or

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