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Learning a New Dance

When you begin your marriage counseling, you will be invited to identify the not so helpful dances that you tend to get stuck in.  You may have noticed this happening when one or both of you are feeling tired, depressed or disconnected. These usually lead to extremely hurt feelings, staying up all night or one or both of you

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Reacting Creatively

Usually your partner’s being on a different track from you, can cause you to feel reactive.  You may want to throw up your hands, attack, or point out the error of your dear one’s ways. You probably know how hard  you find it to stay out of a judgmental position.  You have no doubt learned that when you

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Hesitant About Counseling

Why You May Be Hesitant to Seek Counseling Couple counseling scares many people. You may believe marriages are made in heaven but feel like you are living some place else. Still you may hesitate to seek help. Relationship problems may symbolize that you have failed a test. So you may be embarrassed to make an

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Answering these 12 topics and 75 Questions before your get married will keep you from having surprises.

14 Relationship Building Exercises

14 Exercises for Strengthening Your Marriage 1. Exercise: Remembering How You Met     Purpose: To recall the experiences of your early relationship and share them with another couple a. Take time to jot down as many details that occur to you about when you met or about when you suddenly realized this person was a

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