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One Tip for Making Your Partner Feel Great

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Intimacy In Your Relationship

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… that for a marriage to make it, couples need to have five positive interactions for every one negative one.

Others have suggested that great marriages raise that ratio to one in twenty. Some of the most successful couples challenge themselves to wind up in a positive space with each other in most of their interactions.

Whether you say, “I’ve missed you,” or have your hug convey, “How wonderful to see you,” you are giving a round of applause to your beloved just for being himself.

Let it dawn that you can serve as your partner’s best mirror and realize what a world of difference you can make as she moves through the day. You can recognize what the partner has to offer that is so much more than the present moment seems to reveal.

Perhaps more than anyone else, you can hold the faith for what your partner can become and offer the encouragement that will make that possible.  You beloved will never forget it.

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