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Monthly Supervisory Group for Infidelity Recovery Therapists

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Ushering Your Couples through the  Aftermath of an Extramarital Affair

A  Monthly Supervisory Support Group  Held on Fridays at 9  at 115 East 57th Street and Park, Suite 640

Would you like some support as you deal with the intensity of couples dealing with infidelity?  Without a clear roadmap to help you and couples know what to expect during their journey towards healing, you will encounter a depth of pain that will seem to be hopeless.  Couples who come for help need support: 1. To work through the flashbacks, 2. To metabolize the sense of betrayal 3. To survive the on-going need to review details 4. To understand what forgiveness means 5. To put together a story of why the affair has happened Trust building presents a challenge to the marital therapist unless you can hold the faith for them that the work is worth it and they both will grow enormously.  I am often blown away when a couple who have stuck with the process can say, “You know Dr. Walkup, the extramarital affair hit our relationship like a tsunami.  Yet what we have learned has also made it the best thing that has happened to the relationship. The pain was horrendous.  The struggle has brought us to a whole different level of communication and intimacy.”

I have specialized in working with couples facing infidelity over the last few years and believe that amidst the chaos and crisis, there can be a high rate of success for those couples who commit to working on their relationship. My bio, scope of work, and articles I have written can be viewed at

This supervision group will be limited to 7 people and will cost $20 per session.  First date:  March 1, 2013,  To register: send email to

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