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Infidelity Recovery

21 Questions & Answers On How To Build Trust After Cheating Or An Affair

1.       Is it possible for couples to rebuild their marriage, and specifically rebuild trust, after the discovery of infidelity? Yes, 70% of the couples who decide to make a commitment to extramarital recovery counseling, do find ways to restore a bond of intimacy as researched by Shirley Glass, who has explored the dynamics of the

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3 Ways To Cheat-Proof Your Relationship BEFORE You Marry Him

About to say “I do?” Beware — If your fiance has any of these 5 traits, he’ll probably cheat. A client of mine recently called wondering if it would even be appropriate to come in. You see, she’s engaged (with the wedding fast approaching) and worried whether or not her fiancé might cheat on her. He

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Facing the text messages and emails after an Infidelity

Am I Crazy? A Story Of Hope After The Discovery of Cheating

It is possible to find hope after betrayal… When Ginny called, the tremble in her voice touched me. Ken had left his phone on, so she did not need the password. She broke her rule of never intruding into his privacy. She discovered a slew of text messages and cell phone calls that her husband

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upset couple

7 Feelings of Husband Who’s Had an Affair

After you have confronted him about the cheating, you may wonder what he is feeling.  Since he has betrayed your trust in such a painful way, you may find it hard to believe anything he is saying. As someone who specializes in extramarital affair recovery, I want to tell you what I have heard many

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