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Not Just Quality Time But How Much?

Not Just Quality Time But How Much? 2017-09-06T11:01:30+00:00

You’ve often heard it said, that it’s not the amount of time you spend with your spouse but whether or not it’s quality time.  Let me suggest that the amount of time counts equally.

I have couples who come in for a marriage counseling session who look at each other and admit that they have not talked  since their last session.  They readily acknowledge that this may well be one of the problems of the relationship.

Relationships thrive on the security of the bond between you.  The basic question is: “Can I turn to you when I need you?”  Equally importantly,  “Can share with you what matters and what counts to me?”

You probably are aware that the best and worst thing to happen to your relationship can be children.   You will find much joy and meaning in being there for your children.

However, you will give them one of your greatest gifts when you carve out enough for the minimum time requirement for thriving couples.