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Once you have discovered your partner has been having an extramarital affair, one part of you may want to confront her with the evidence of her infidelity and yell and scream at her for a month. You will not believe that she is cheating on you.

One part of you may want not to tell but test to see if you will continue to be misled.  Another part of you may want to confront the other guy. Another part of you may want to pretend you never found out but it’s eating away at your gut.

You may remember that you’ve been asked to go to a marriage counselor for years. You may have sensed that she was no longer interested or known that you had been drifting apart for awhile. Still, you probably did not expect  being cheated on.  y. Even if you are only in a relationship with your girlfriend and living together, you probably feel outraged. You may have assumed that the two of you had an exclusive relationship. This simply does not compute.

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