14 Ways to Make Your Marriage Sizzle

14 Exercises for Strengthening Your Marriage

1. Exercise: Remembering How You Met

Purpose: To recall the experiences of your early relationship and share them with another couple

a. Take time to jot down as many details that occur to you about when you met or about when you suddenly realized this person was a potential mate.
b. Find another couple and share the story.

2. Exercise: Partner Admiration

Purpose: To share with your partner why out of all the partners you have dated, he or she chose you..

a. Jot down four or more things that you admire about your partner.
b. Share these with the other taking time to give as many examples as you remember.

3.. Exercise: Naming what you admired about your parents as well as what disappointed you

Purpose: To share with your partner those things that you value about your parents

a. Make a list of the feelings that you have about your parents, both positive and negative.
b. Share this list with your partner.

4. Exercise: What you learned from observing the marriage of your parents

Purpose: To discover the attitudes that you do and don’t want in your marriage

a. Make a list of the things that you loved about how your parents reacted in their marriage.
b. Make a list detailing the things that you promised yourself that you would never have in your marriage.
c. Share with your partner.

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  1. Good ideas for couples

  2. drjim on June 4, 2015 at 10:52 am said:

    Thanks, Lisa. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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