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3 Ways to avoid a cheating husband

3 Ways To Cheat-Proof Your Relationship BEFORE You Marry Him

About to say “I do?” Beware — If your fiance has any of these 5 traits, he’ll probably cheat. A client of mine recently called wondering if it would even be appropriate to come in. You see, she’s engaged (with the wedding fast approaching) and worried whether or not her fiancé might cheat on her. He

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Do I really Want to Marry My Fiance

The 7 Reasons For Going to Premarital Counseling

A research study by psychologists at UCLA discovered that women who had premarital doubts are two and a half times more likely to get divorced in 4 years. If you find your self upset about any of these things,  don’t hesitate learn the tools and skills to deal with these issues.  They do not mean

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What Makes a Good Marriage

7 Habits of Crazy in Love People

Did you know you can transform your relationship in 20 seconds? Here’s how … If you truly want the best relationship possible, don’t leave the fate of your “happily in love” connection to luck or chance. Trust me, couples who thrive for the long-term actively choose behaviors that keep them in a good place with

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Premarital Inventory

Premarital Inventory That You Can Take Online Take a Premarital Inventory Online (Click Here) Then  Click Right Picture for Couples

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Mid Manhattan Marriage Counseling