Perhaps, the two of you simply can not communicate or you have just had a useless fight. You may have even thought of divorce. Yet you know you don’t really want that.

Maybe one of you has a job requiring travel or late hours. The time left, goes to your kids. In the middle of the night, you realize you are losing each other. At times of crisis, you wonder if he/she will be there. You know something has to change.

I am so glad you have found this web site. Let this be your 911 resource for your crisis. Something has to change and I want to help you. I bring 40 years of experience in helping couples just like you. I can help you regain that “in love feeling”
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So Busy, We Don’t Talk

Do you feel like you never get time to catch up with each other?  Do find yourselves getting lost on the computer, the IPhone, or just going to bed at different times?

I probably don’t need to tell you, that you may be headed for disaster in your relationship.  Couples who have disconnected begin to develop fantasies about the other.  She doesn’t really care about me anymore.  He is more enthralled with his IPad than he is with me.

Soon one or both of you will be vulnerable to an affair.  Distance in your relationship makes reaching out to another very seductive.  Don’t let yourselves assume that there’s no times because of the kids.  Your children need parents who are in love with each other.  (Click for “When distance seems like the norm”)

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