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What’s Psychotherapy Like

What’s Psychotherapy Like How Does Therapy Help 1st Session Stopping Therapy How Long Therapy Takes Making the Most of Your Therapy Resources for Individual Therapy Target Change Sheet Insurance and Psychotherapy A client’s perspective on her experience of therapy

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The NYTIMES has reviewed some research that suggests that n online treatment program for insomnia using cognitive-behavioral therapy can be quite beneficial. For the article in the NYTimes go to: To go to the website with the program on insomnia click:

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Help With Panic Attacks

Anxiety and Relaxation From the Anxiety Internet Resources This site contains several lists of tips, tools and exercises for coping with anxiety and panic Women and Stress: UCLA STUDY ON FRIENDSHIP AMONG WOMEN by Gale Berkowitz Disputing the Beliefs that Cause Your Stress: Questionnaire to explore the depth of your anxiety attack episodes.

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