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Help With Panic Attacks

Anxiety and Relaxation

From the Anxiety Internet Resources
This site contains several lists of tips, tools and exercises for coping with anxiety and panic

Women and Stress: UCLA STUDY ON FRIENDSHIP AMONG WOMEN by Gale Berkowitz

Disputing the Beliefs that Cause Your Stress: http://www.stressgroup.com/abcdisputingchart.html

Questionnaire to explore the depth of your anxiety


attack episodes.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks
A very helpful page for understanding what is happening in a panic attack and how to help a friend if they are going through it.

Another resource for those dealing with panic attacks, for those who have AOL


A fourteen part free online course on anxiety and panic attacks


Breathing Exercises
A site with wonderful analogies to help understand how you can breathe your way out of anxiety or panic attacks. Scroll down below the heading.


Fear Busters: spiritual wisdom and exercises to help you ward off anxiety and terror by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussatt http://www.beliefnet.com/story/90/story_9076_1.html

Help for understanding the nature and dynamics of various phobias.


Post traumatic Stress Disorder
Follow this resource for getting a better understanding of PTSD. The sites on the right side offer other articles.


Seeing the Dentist
Many individuals contribute short thoughts about coping with the visit to the “Tooth Doctor”


Fear of Flying
A free online course that outlines many reasons feel safer flying. It suggests exercises for relaxation and provides a toolkit to take onto your flight. Scroll to the bottom to fill out form and begin the course. Expect strong plugs for his book but the course is still good.


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Normal Anxiety or Dysfunctional Anxiety

When your bosses yells at you, when your financial situation hits bottom, or when your child is caught doing drugs, will likely experience a normal degree of anxiety.  Your heart may race, you may feel like you are gearing up for a battle, or you may slip into a sense of “I’ve got to get out of here.”

Anxiety becomes problematic when you know you are reacting as if this experience is more dangerous than it really is.  On the other hand the anxiety may keep you from sleeping or being creative in problem-solving.

Sometimes you will find it’s helpful to look at your assumptions about the situation.  If you know you could lose your job and easily find a different job, than you may relax.  On the other hand, if you feel your lose your marriage and be unable to support your family, you may sweat buckets.  Anxiety tends to rise when we over “catastrophisize” the meaning of the situation.

Sometimes traumatic experiences from childhood can color present day experiences unnecessarily.   If you are a little person and you go into a backyard and this big brown creature bounds up to you and knocks you over and starts licking your face, you may be panicked around dogs for a long time.  But as you begin to help your brain differentiate dogs that are just being friendly and dogs that are like rottweiler you may continue to fear dogs inappropriately.

Anxiety can be crippling but are techniques you can learn to master your fears and be afraid and still do what you need to do. Learning to self soothe makes an enormous difference in your capacity to deal with tense situations.  Some people use relaxation exercises or engage in physical activities.  Mastery is possible and if you continue to have difficulties you may want to seek some psychotherapeutic help.

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