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Have To’s to Nurture Your Marriage To Prevent Divorce!

  Be alert: jobs, children, sickness, stress or problems with other family members can be hazardous to your marriage. Catch the early warning signs and you can prevent divorce. If you are concerned about your marriage, trust those feelings.  Couples often wait up to six years before they seek marriage counseling even though they have begun to feel

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Childhood Sexual Abuse

Adults Recovering From Childhood Sexual Abuse When you become ready to face the aftermath of childhood sexual abuse, you have begun a demanding journey towards life. You have already experienced one of the most isolating and confusing experiences any human can endure. Whether the abusing person was a parent, step or grandparent, sibling, relative, babysitter,

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What Happens In The First Session

What Happens In The First Session Some things you will explore in your first therapy session: – To begin by sharing what brings you to therapy – To describe how you want to change – To name what you have tried in the past – To evaluate what helped or did not – To recount

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How Does Therapy Help?

How Does Therapy Help? Through the process of exploring your issues you will have a chance to: a. Focus more closely on the changes you want. b. Identify common negative themes that reappear in different parts of your life. c. Strengthen the desire and willingness to take risks toward change. d. Name and change some

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