Fees & Insurance Issues

Fees and Insurance Issues

Fees will be determined in your first session with Dr. Walkup. After insurance and other issues are discussed.

For a  fee in the range of $60 to $120, consider working Dr. Babe who has completed a master’s degree program in psychotherapy and marriage counseling and is licensed to do therapy under the supervision of Dr. Walkup before becoming fully licensed  In some cases she will be doing co-therapy with Dr. Walkup and sometimes you will be seen by the Associate alone. These interns will be under his close supervision.

Insurance coverage: Dr. Walkup is covered by any insurance plan that covers a licensed marrige and family therapist in the state of New York. Dr. Walkup is not on any networks but will give each client a monthly bill with required information for insurance if needed. Some policies do not see marriage counseling as a medical expense and do not offer coverage. To find out if you are covered for marriage counseling, call your insurance provider.  For the Associate Therapists, Dr. Walkup will contact your insurance carrier to see if your policy cover pre-licensed therapists.