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Extramarital Affair Recovery Articles By Dr. Jim Walkup


If You Or Your Partner Is Having An Extramarital Affair:  To an unsuspecting spouse the discovery of an extramarital affair breaks into one’s consciousness like a car crash. The world that you had previously thought was safe becomes untrustworthy in every way. (Read More)

After Just Finding Out:  Nothing has prepared you. No doubt you are feeling that your whole world has just turned upside down. You don’t know who to turn to….. (Read More)

The Process of Affair Recovery:  Plan on the fact that working on your marriage will challenge you beyond any expectations that you have now. Couples need to set aside significant time to address the issues and be willing to face enormous mood swings in your work together. (Read More)

You’ve Discovered Your Wife Is Having An Affair: Perhaps you found a stash of letters, glanced at some old emails, looked at the cell phone calls or even tracked down where she was on a so-called business trip. (Read more).

Is An Emotional Affair Less Dangerous Than a Sexual Affair
: One of the common differences that can arise after the discovery of an emotional affair centers around the place of an emotional affair in the whole spectrum of outside relationships.(Read more)

Will You Ever Be Able to Trust Again After Your Partner’s Extramarital Affair:  Once you have experienced your partner betrayal, you will find it hard to believe that you could ever trust again. Your partner’s crossing the line of hiding this affair from you can become a breach that you imagine your suspicions will never let you let your guard down again.
(Read more)

Extended Session:  After the revelation that an affair has occurred, as a couple you may feel quite frightened to talk to each other. An extended structured initial session can be quite helpful in deciding whether or not seek to save the marriage. (Read more)

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